Agricultural Weed Management Factsheets

The Renz Lab has produced a series of factsheets discussing the identification and management of many common agricultural weeds that span a variety of production systems.

Scientific NameCommon NameFactsheet
Echinochola crus-galliBarnyardgrassPDF
Cirsium vulgare
Carduus nutans
Carduus acanthoides
Biennial Thistles Comparison:
Bull Thistle
Musk Thistle
Plumeless Thistle
Artemisia biennisBiennial WormwoodPDF
Cirsium vulgareBull ThistlePDF
Stellaria mediaCommon ChickweedPDF
Galinsoga quadriradiataGalinsogaPDF
Conyza nsisHorseweedPDF
Carduus nutansMusk ThistlePDF
Amaranthus palmeriPalmer AmaranthPDF
Carduus acanthoidesPlumeless ThistlePDF
Amaranthus tuberculatusWaterhempPDF
Polygonum convolvulusWild BuckwheatPDF