Current Research Projects

  • Waterhemp Management with Residual Herbicides in Established Alfalfa 2019 NCWSS Conference Poster
  • Weed Control, Clover Injury, and Resulting Yield From GF-3731 in Rotationally Grazed Pastures 2019 NCWSS Conference Poster
  • HBT Intervention Strategies Protecting Critical Habitat Assets against Invasive Species. (Hawaii Invasive Species Council) Abstract
  • Increasing invasive species monitoring and effectiveness through the Wisconsin First Detector Network. (United States Department of Agriculture Animal Plant and Health Inspection Service – Plant Protection and Quarantine [USDA APHIS PPQ]) Abstract
  • Identifying factors to optimize establishment of alfalfa interseeded in corn (National Institute of Food and Agriculture) Abstract
  • Minimizing the impact of invasive plants in the Kickapoo Valley (Nuzum Reforestation Fund) Abstract
  • Regional Roadside Turfgrass Testing Program. (Wisconsin Department of Transportation) Abstract
  • Understanding opportunities and challenges associated with grazing public grasslands of Wisconsin. (National Institute of Food and Agriculture) Abstract
  • Development and deployment of habitat suitability models under current and future climate for regulated invasive plants in Wisconsin (National Institute of Food and Agriculture) Abstract